First Impressions of D3

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First Impressions of D3 Empty First Impressions of D3

Post  Pufftrees on Fri May 25, 2012 2:49 pm

I'd like to hear other opinions on the game so far. The forums are full of QQ as expected (every blizz game is always), some I agree with, some I don't.

Inferno Difficulty (Act3-4): I am happy that this is next to impossible currently. There is no way in hell that we have the best gear after 10 days. I am honestly quite impressed blizzard wasn't lieing about the difficulty. They took their internal testing team and scaled it until they couldn't do it... then doubled it. Anyone clearing it is legit!

No Chat channels: This is my biggest gripe. Hey... I just wish I could do real id announcement for christ sake. Simply putting "starting act 2 inferno come join" on my announcement to all friends would be great. Or "WTB 1kdps 2h", or "". So this is BY FAR MY BIGGEST GRIPE, is the lack of communication. It's just like SC2, you feel like you are playing solo.

Gear Itemization: It's still too early for me to judge. I think most level 60 legendaries are under-itemized so hopefully they get a little boost. I like the pure randomness... I found a neck with crit/str/vitality/MF and it was just a normal yellow.. but it sold for 2.5m on the auction house in like 5 minutes. Careful what you vendor!

Unlimited Respec: I like this, I am still trying new builds constantly, new follower builds/gear etc.

Overall: I think this game currently is a solid 8.5/10. If it had a proper chat interface (or even the ability to send a message to all friends) than it would be a 9.5. The other 0.5 could be made up with my various gripes.

I know a lot of people have already quit because they hit the "wall" and don't understand how this game works... but what are your guys feelings?


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First Impressions of D3 Empty Re: First Impressions of D3

Post  Huzzah on Fri May 25, 2012 3:43 pm

Crafting items is just plain silly. You need all the mats + 80k gold (not to mention you have to find these patterns too) to craft a shitty item, or you can just save up and get an item on the AH. I know Diablo items are random, but the cost to craft items is too expensive.

Choosing the barb, I really hit a brick wall in act 2 inferno. I don't really want to sword and shield it, so I guess I'm stuck. I've tried lots of skill builds, but when you meet elite packs that fearlock you, or wall you in with arcane LAZORS it gets depressing. I'm back farming Act 1 inferno, but the items that I'm getting will in no way prepare me for act 2 rape lulz.

Overall I like the game. Could use a more social aspect of it, maybe guilds or something.

Why can't barbs have a hax like:


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First Impressions of D3 Empty Re: First Impressions of D3

Post  zedy on Sun May 27, 2012 11:17 am

Not as fast as the wd's kill but considering he actually has a 5 stack going into the boss seems a bit more op. But I completely agree that inferno act 2 is just cruel to melee, and sadly unless we have people feeding us gear from higher acts we are forced into a massive defense build that does little to no damage and even then we still get trucked half the time. Bliz needs to go back in and adjust the progression of gear so that it is more fluid to prevent people from hitting the massive brick walls.


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First Impressions of D3 Empty Re: First Impressions of D3

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