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Post  Pufftrees on Mon Jan 19, 2015 12:57 pm

Looking forward to doing some pvp based out of our station. We live in a class 2 wormhole which means newer players might stumble upon our home and start farming anomalies which would make them easy kills. But other than waiting for kills, we always have a class 4 wormhole connection which could be a great place to find some unsuspecting very valuable ships farming. Also, last night we had 2 OTHER class 2 wormholes, which each have their own connections and people to kill.

So I feel there is pvp to be had if we go for it. Once we get a few more members we can figure out what ships people want to fly etc.

Fleet compositions:

Full cloaky fleet:
Everyone in a stealth pvp ship. Loki, Pilgrims, stealth bombers, whatever really. We could have newer players in fast tackle ships. The idea would be to scout for pve'rs in either the c4 or c2 and then essentially just decloak on them and kill them. The cloaky ships need the element of surprise to gain the upper hand, but we should be able to achieve that.

Standard cruiser fleet:
Ishtar, Tengu, vexor etc. Idea would be similar to the cloaky fleet where we gank people running the sleeper sites (pve wormhole stuff), except obviously they have an easier way to see us coming. Still with a prober and a warp in point, these cruisers can probably still sneak up on people. The advantage here is these ships are able to brawl a little better if the fight escalates.

Sniper fleet:
Put a couple people in long range high dps ships (Oracle, zealot for example). Then have some tanky tackle. The idea here is the cheaper ships tackle the site runner whlie the sniper ships put in work.

Balanced fleet:
At least 5 + ships. Preferably have 1 battleship, 1 logi, 1 Ewar, and 2 others. Entire fleet either shield or armor. The idea here is to be able to initiate larger fights and with proper synergy be able to take down larger groups.


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