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Post  Pufftrees on Thu Jul 09, 2015 12:37 pm

So I've been in I'm Fine and You the Goonswarm Korean corp for about 4-5 months now.  Things are great in there.  

Goonswarm is the alliance with a bunch of corporations within.  Then Goonswarm is the executor alliance of the Imperium.  The Imperium (once called the CFC for cluster fuck coalition) is the largest group in EVE and control most of the "north".  Our member list is around 20k pilots and have by far the most titans and other supers.

Anyways, the Imperium works on a system involving special groups.  For example, Krystyliz is apart of Reavers which requires some advanced PVP pilots to go on long deployments behind enemy lines, harassing their strategic assets.  The main body of people can join the front lines of war etc.  The summary is that, once you are in ANY imperium corp, you can apply to most of the special groups of Imperium.  So what this really means is that if anyone joins any corp in Imperium then we can play together or be involved in same stuff.

So for new guys I guess you have two options.  I could vouch for you to join I'm Fine and You.  The problem is that this is a Korean corp, so most of the corp chat is in korean.  We set the bar in Imperium for pvp participation per member.  You are expected to go on at least 10 strat fleets a month.  But again, once in this corp you have access to whatever part of Imperium you want to do.

The other option is to join Karmafleet.  This is goons "newbee" corporation.  It's less pressure, a ton of fun, and they have a lot of action all the time.  They live in North Deklein which is a very rich area, and they get a lot people coming to fight them on their own turf.   And again, once in Karmafleet you could apply to any special interest group etc.

So for Merm, Sap, or anyone else if you want to join Goon's those are the best two options above.  If not, there are other good corps out there!


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