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Post  Sapphic on Tue Feb 17, 2015 2:30 pm

Historic day for me as this is the first time I have scanned down, punted, and then tackled a guy with no assistance.  Hats off to the clean up crew for making sure that proteus didnt engage.  Cool



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Post  Pufftrees on Fri Mar 06, 2015 1:11 pm

I figure it's time for a good battle log!  This happened a couple weeks ago.

I log online late and decide to take a look into our neighboring class 4 wormhole (pretty high pve difficulty).  When I arrive in the system cloaked, I notice 4 Russian owned pve ships on directional scan.  I quickly narrow them down to being in one of the 3 anomalies (pve sites) available.  I warp cloaked into the first, and sure enough I see 4 people running a site together.  My heart starts pounding.  Hmm, how can I kill these 4?  Sapphic and Merm aren't online so I guess it's just up to me.  I start asking around team liquid or anyone else and I remember seeing my friend ViceorVirtue by our high sec connection.  Turns out he is about 10 jumps out but he is willing to try and attack these guys.

So I am sitting here cloaked, trying to figure out logistically how I can attack these guys.  As they are wrapping up the anomaly I am guessing that they plan to do the 2nd and 3rd ones also.  I log onto another account, and put the character in a cloaky tackle tengu.  I send the tengu to the 3rd site, and then warp my original prober to the 2nd site.  Sure enough, they finish the first and warp to the second.  So now I am telling VoV, these guys are going to run the third site, the third site is where we gank them.  So I am watching them do the 2nd site in my cloaked booster, and I have a cloaked tackle ship waiting in the third site.  In the meantime, I log onto my main battle account and hop in the Machariel (worth about 25 bucks), VoV is also bringing a Machariel, so between the two of us we should be pretty tough.  

I have to meet VoV in the high sec, but then we travel through our home WH and setup to be ready to hop in the c4 to kill these guys.  Pressure is mounting here, I could literally hear my heart beating.  So they are clearing the third site as expected, I try to position my cloaked tackle vessel in a good spot.

4 enemy ships:  Tengu, scimitar, hurricane navy issue... and god 1 more i cant remember.  Scimitar is the primary target (healer) and then tengu.


We jump our machariels into the c4 and immediately warp to Cheefhydro boss (the tackle tengu).  The tengu decloaks and tries to tackle but there was so much going on he didnt get a good tackle in on the scimitar.  As our machariels are nearing warp, they start to scatter like roaches.  We land in time to catch the Tengu before the others got away.  We pile our dps on the tengu and got him!

<insert killmail here>

The tengu dropped about 200m in items, which VoV and I split.  Wasn't the cleanest operation but we managed to get the most valuable target there.  On top of this, they hadn't been looting the 3 sites.  I guess they bring a noctis (good looting ship) in after the sites to loot everything.  So the dust has cleared but I am expecting them to come loot.  I move my stealth bomber account back into a site and wait for them.  OOOO i see a noctis on dscan!  This is gona be great, the plan was to let him loot everything, then kill him again and take it all.  Sadly, probably after his corpmates yelled loudly in russian, the Noctis never left their home station.  I waited an hour or so, its like 3am on a weeknight but I am so jacked up on adrenaline I couldn't even consider sleeping.  Once I realized they werent coming I went around and looted all their shit netting about 200m from that.

All and all it was a great kill and loot Smile


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