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Your Current Playstyle? Empty Your Current Playstyle?

Post  Pufftrees on Thu Mar 27, 2014 3:07 pm

Curious to see what people are doing in game, perhaps get some ideas from each other etc.

I am sticking with the basics, running torment 1 adventure modes and then torment 1 rifting.  I was able to complete torment 2 without much trouble (550k dam, 6m toughness), but seems smarter and more rewarding to just grind out torment 1.  Anyone find reason to run on T2 or higher?  

[size=13.333333969116211]I am just farming for general upgrades and then gambling all my shards away.  [/size][size=13.333333969116211]I have a level 60 version of the bracers that "spawn elites when you click shrine", so when I come across a shrine I put them on, drop 3 meteors, click shrine, then swap back bracers and black hole.  The elite pack spawns and gets crushed by the impending meteors,  they are almost dead by the time they spawn Smile   It slows down my runs a bit but I get a shit load of extra elite packs.[/size]

Anyone else running the questing mode still?  Farming specific legendary crafting mats?  Other specific runs?  General thoughts on progression?


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