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Post  Sapphic on Thu Oct 10, 2013 5:04 pm

I have been avoiding posting here since I cant see anything I write. But yeah the rift is pretty fucking sweet. All the negative things I would say about it relate to the shitty resolution of the screen, which will be better in the consumer version. Its funny 720p looks so bad, but then again I guess the screen is about 2 inches from your face. I thought this would feel strange, but my eyes adjusted really quickly. Basically put it on, eyes refocus on a point infinitely far away. It did make me feel disorented and mind fucked, but motion sickness...still don't know what that feels like. The head tracking is sweet, but what is really amazing is the 3d. It really is totally diffrent than watching something on a monitor or in a movie theater with crappy 3d glasses on. The latter would be more like 2d with height in places, while the rift is like being inside.

Games like Quake and Half Life are fucking nuts. Space sims will be fun as shit, the first game with rift support thats coming out will be ELITE (due in march). The CCP game is the big talk of rift land, since it seems to have the best demo. Sadly not released to the public. I foudn a couple of CCP employees on the oculus subreddit and have been having a conversation with one of them via private message...if there is any chance at a public beta I want in lol. I havent really been able to dive into it, I have had to work everyday since I got it. I have 3 days off starting sunday so I am planning on putting it through its paces then.


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